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What Our Customers Are Saying

Ronnie Smith, Quik Trip Corporation
Versa-Gard has been a very integral part of our 480 store Food Initiative Remodel Program. From their innovative designs to their cutting edge technology they are an outstanding company. Their craftsmanship, attention to detail, quality, and customer service is second to none. We have been extremely pleased with all aspects of Versa-Gard's performance and look forward to continuing our relationship with them in the future.
Tony Buttich, Hill Phoenix
I have always been a fan of Versa-Gard. Their outstanding customer service, engineering prowess and forward thinking keeps our company and our customers as well on the cutting edge of sneeze guard design. I will continue to promote and recommend Versa-Gard for all my customers sneeze guard needs.
Jim Whiffen, Fountainhead Foodservice
I am hard pressed to come up with another vendor or manufacturer whose product quality, creative design and level of service compares to that of Versa-Gard.
Versa-Gard continues to be the benchmark of our industry. They constantly challenge themselves to come up with the most innovative and best food protection systems out there.
Glenn Bradley, Morrison Healthcare
I find Versa-Gard products to be far superior to the other options available on the market today. The continual innovation and drive to meet and often exceed your customers’ needs is what puts Versa-Gard at the top of the list, but what keeps you there is your customer service. Versa-Gard has achieved the ideal balance between a superior product and top-notch customer support. We cannot ask for any more than that.
Conrad Beattie, Systems Design International, Inc.
For flexibility, innovation and precision in the design, construction and installation of sneeze guards Versa-Gard is definitely an industry leader.
Diana W. Morrissey, Boston Market
As a Versa-Gard customer, I have been extremely happy with the food shields and the service Versa-Gard has provided to my company. Versa-Gard has been exceptionally innovative regarding the various design challenges we have presented as well as being very responsive to our timelines. We are also very pleased at how attractive the food shields look in our store.
Scott T.Reitano, Foodservice Solution Group
Versa-Gard is an industry leader and innovator in the manufacture of NSF-compliant food shields. They have become a valuable resource in our design efforts and a reliable partner in delivering aesthetically pleasing, high quality serving spaces to our clients. We are grateful for their support and their contribution to our success.

Arthur Oudmayer, DesignSmart
Versa-Gard is always my first choice when it comes to specifying sneeze guards for my prospective clients. It enables me to offer them a product of superior quality, cutting edge aesthetic & the kind of back-up service & easy install that generates satisfied repeat customers.
Nancy Bryan Role, B-R Carts & Kiosks, Inc.
Whenever a Versa-Gard breath guard is used on one of our portables, it elevates it to the next level. Versa-Gard units are as functional as they are a work of art. The Versa-Gard team is always a pleasure to work with on any project
Vickie Thomas, Circle K Midwest
I am very pleased with the VG product. Gives the grill program an upper scale look. What can I say about the Service? Excellent service, awesome communication, very quick to fix any issues we may have, usually our fault in forgetting something.
Mike Purcell, LTI
Versa-Gard is THE CUTTING EDGE of food protection systems. Their sleek, and sharp designs help our clients protect and merchandize their food product like no other food protectors in the industry.

Dwight Perkins, Atlas Metal Industries, Inc.
Working with Versa-Gard is a blast from the past - quality, integrity and a passion for doing it right. The level of professionalism by everyone on the staff will continue to make Versa-Gard the leader in its field.
Bobby Hull, Fixtur-World, Inc
Versa-Gard certainly knows how to build and deliver unique, high quality sneeze guards, but their understanding of the food service industry and their advice and oversight during our projects is possibly their most unique trait. We have great confidence in Versa-Gard.
Versa-Gard has always taken care of me. Their advice on the front end, efficient and timely production, and follow up through delivery and installation have always been accurate and helpful.
I like the fact that Versa-Gard is a “straight forward” company. They play no games and have been honest in all our dealings.

Jack Sjogren, Hill Phoenix
High-end look to products while achieving greater strength than lower cost competitor’s products. Versa-Gard also has great knowledge and flexibility when you are trying to do something different on a project. Quality products, provided by a very knowledgeable and friendly staff.
Michael Engel, Grand Restaurant Equipment & Design
I wanted to take a minute and express my gratitude for the years of excellence you have brought to our company. We have for many years greatly valued your dedication to our customers’ needs and ability to create solutions that set your product far above the industry standard. I greatly appreciate your dedication to ensuring every project we do with you turns out beautiful the first time. For 10 years we have worked with Versa-Gard, and your products also provide the best looking and most functional solutions we can offer our customers. Your excellence in quality is only matched by your company’s commitment to customer service, and you are always there to help us in the times we need to make adjustments on-the-fly. In the complex world of custom fixtures, we know your commitment to getting the job done right will help us provide the very best for our customers. Please pass on to your entire organization our appreciation for your dedication and excellence.
Ivy Heazeltine, Circle K Midwest
We have appreciated the partnership with Versa-Gard over the last few years. When we began the sneeze shield R&D about five years back we were hopeful that you would bring us a quality product for our roller grills that met our needs. Well you did that! And the most impressive thing is the durability of the Versa-Gard product – it has been amazing. We have had few if any issues with the actual design, construction, and lastability. Thank you for building and bringing to us a solid product.
Kristi Estes, Barker Specialty Products
Versa-Gard's systems are engineered specifically for the application. They listen to the challenge and rise to the occasion for special requests. There is so much variety in their offerings that there is something to fit every application and if it doesn’t exist now they will come up with a new solution.

Jeff Fortier, Fortier, Inc.
All I can say is wow - fantastic product & fantastic service. Versa-Gard has 100% satisfied me on my sneeze guard needs and my customers are proof of this as we have several repeat customers that have bought a lot of sneeze guards here in the past several years. My hat’s off to Versa-Gard and its team that makes it happen for Fortier Inc. I could not be happier with your customer service, which sets the bar for what customer service reps should be. Thank you so much for all you guys do.
Mark Bessette, The Legends Group, LLC
My personal experience with Versa-Gard has been exceptional over the years, as customer service, on time delivery and communication with the Versa-Gard staff has resulted in trouble free installations with no warranty or follow-up calls related to the product long after the project is completed. Versa-Gard is a company that is passionate about their product and the quality and dependability is quite evident in the end result.
Brett Burich, K&J Woodworks
Versa-Gard has been an excellent partner on several projects. They consistently provide a well thought out product and great customer service.
Casey Hammonds, LTI
Versa-Gard is a top notch product. Easy to work with and sturdy. Customer service is professional, responsive and easy to work with.
Todd Takash, SS Kemp
In my experience, the team at Versa-Gard has been knowledgeable, professional, and reliable while always maintaining a sense of urgency to be sure the project stays on schedule. They are a pleasure to work with
Alan Starr, Boston Showcase Company
We are very happy with Versa-Gard as a company. They perform well, supply drawings on a timely basis and good quality product. They are responsive to our needs.

Joe M. Blasdel, Blasdel – FDP
The Versa-Gard products have been excellent. They are very attractive and enhance a serving counter. They are also well built and well detailed. We do not hear negative comments from the fabricators. We appreciate all you do for us - Thanks
John Sousa, Crabtree McGrath Associates, Inc.
The first thing that comes to mind about Versa-Gard is that the products are always of the highest quality. I never have to worry about it and you always ask the right questions. I specify it with confidence.
Paul Hensley, Hill Phoenix
Versa-Gard has always provided a high quality product for a fair price. Their service and “can-do” attitude sets them above the rest. I highly recommend their company and product.
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